Guidelines For Manuscript

Style and language:
EAR can only accept manuscripts written in English (UK only). Articles may vary between ten and twenty –five pages (300 words/page).
Text Formatting:
Article texts should be submitted in .doc or .rtf format; Century Schoolbook font, 11 point font size(9 point font size for endnotes).
Title Page:
For the blind reviewing process, authors should include their name, affiliation, and contact information in a separate document.
Information about Authors:
Authors should also submit a 5 line bio blurb on their research interests and most relevant publications. This description should be included in the document with name, affiliation and contact information.
Abstract and Key Words:
All articles must be accompanied by a 200 -250 word abstract; 5-10 key words should be written immediately after the abstract.
Citations and List of References:
References should follow the AUTHOR-DATE SYSTEM of the CHICAGO MANUAL OF STYLE, the 16th edition (see the Quick Guide).
Notes should be numbered consecutively and placed at the end of the text (endnotes), not as footnotes. They should only be used to provide further information about a particular idea. Endnotes cannot be substituted for the Reference List.
Acknowledgments of funding should be placed before the reference list. The names of funding organizations should be written in full.