A Study of Social Networking in Nursing Discipline, Gender and Age Differences: Structural Equation Modeling

  • ELNOUR MUBARAK M. A. OMAR Arn Institute for Training, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Madinah
  • ELHADI NASR ELHADI MUSTAFA Arab Open University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Keywords: Social networking, nursing discipline, demographic factors


The main purpose of the study was to test a model that predictsthe relationship between social networking and nursing discipline. Itspecifically examined relationship between social networkingdimensions (Entertainment, social interactions and academicpurposes) and nurses’ usage. Data were collected from 131 partici pantsfrom public hospitals in Sudan- Khartoum city. The present study wasemployed e- questionnaire. Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) 16Version and SPSS 11.5 Version were used. A hypothesized model wastested for model fit. The result demonstrated that two exogenousvariables social interactions and academic purposes were positivelyrelated to nurses’ usage social networking. Conversely, entertainmentwas an exogenous variable and it was not represented in the finalmodel because it did not satisfy requirements of Structural EquationModelling (SEM) analysis. Thus, the model crossed age and genderfactors.


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