Princípios e Procedimentos Preventivos no Combate Aos Incêndios: uma Analise Acerca da Relevância do Treinamento no Combate Desse Sinistro nas Instalações Elétricas

Preventive Principles and Procedures in Fire Fighting: An Analysis about the Relevance of Training in Fighting this Loss in Electrical Installations

  • ASTROLINO VIEIRA FARIAS Faserra Instituto de Ensino Superior Blauro Cardoso de Mattos, Brazil
Keywords: Preventive procedures, Fire, Electrical Installations, Training


In this study, the topic related to preventive procedures relatedto fire prevention is being addressed, and as training to combat thisaccident, it can become an important prevention tool. Within this view,the problem of this research asks the following question: How canadequate training be a differential factor in fighting fires? As a generalobjective, the study seeks to understand how the relevance of trainingfor fire fighting. Therefore, the specific objectives proposed aim to:describe via authors the importance of training; point out whichsituations can trigger an accident involving fire; and, identify whatactions should be taken to prevent fire. The deductive method was usedto carry out this research. The type of research adopted covered threeaspects: as for the objectives, it was an exploratory research; as to theapproach to the problem, it was qualitative; as for technicalprocedures, it was bibliographic. Finally, it is highlighted that for thetraining to be able to meet the objective in an adequate and effectiveway, it is necessary to emphasize the content and objectives. Thecontent of training against fires must involve transmission ofinformation, development of skills, development or modification of behaviors and attitudes, development of concepts to prevent thisaccident. 


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