Ergonomic improvement implanted in the transport of parts of a PIM company

  • ELIZABETH AGTHA REDMAN COMAP Instituto de Ensino Superior Brauro Cardoso de Mattos- Fassera
Keywords: Ergonomic analysis, Fractures, Discomfort, Process, Quality, Safety


The Industrial Pole of Manaus (PIM) is recognized as of greatimportance for the development of the North region of the country andin particular for the city of Manaus. The company that is concernedwith providing healthy working conditions and adequate positionswith the posture and physical effort will certainly be contributing tothe adaptation of the man to the operation he executes, that isergonomics. In order to identify the points where it is difficult foremployees to adapt to the job, it is necessary to carry out a study of theergonomic conditions of each activity, observing the characteristics ofthe operations and the physical characteristics of the employees. Theproblem of the company studied is the transportation of parts amongthe sectors that make up the production chain. Thus, there is a greatpossibility of implementing an improvement in the productive processthat can directly impact the ergonomics of the work stations. The goalis to apply an ergonomic improvement with a unified transport form,which contributes to the improved movement of the produced parts andreduces the ergonomic risk condition in the feed of parts between theproduction sectors. A study was carried out of the current situation ofthe processes that involve movement between one sector and another. The implementation of a new parts transportation system at NBBserved as a reference for the implementation of lateral revisions ofprocesses where the transport of parts causes severe impacts on theemployee. 


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